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The Karma Seed


The Karma Seed is all about the stories people share about the favors they've received. This page will host the most popular and interesting stories for your reading pleasure! Since The Karma Seed has just recently launched, we don't have any stories to share with you just yet. Feel free to bookmark this page, and return in a week or so and we'll hopefully have some stories to share with you!

Step 1: Check It
Enter your Karma Seed number above to create an account and to share the story about the favor you received. Creating an account will grant you access to track your card in the future.
Step 2: Pass It
Keep the seed in your wallet or purse until an opportunity to help someone presents itself. After performing a favor, pass the seed, and ask that person to check in the card online.
Step 3: Track It
Whenever a person performs a check in with your card, you can opt in to receive an e-mail notification! By logging in, you can track the journey of your seed as well as the stories.